If you are from northern countries, forget everything you imagined by term Christmas. There is no ice, cold and snow and Christmas trees are often – palms or bunches. This December was not even rainy and most of the time temperature outside is higher than inside the flats. There are three main reasons why choosing Malta for Christmas Holidays is perfect idea: it’s warm, Maltese people adore feasts and, considering the fact that there are more than 365 churches on this small island, they are totally into Christmas!

There are restaurants and clubs with amazing offers all around the world and it’s same with Malta. So why wouldn’t you try spend your time outside? Maltese towns are like big open museums and during this and other feasts periods, decoration is just lovely with a lot of fireworks! Here are some of the most beautiful places that you can easily reach by buses or ferries.


It’s one of the Three Cities, just across Valletta. Nice harbour and bay, sweet streets, affordable restaurants and unique architecture! Some people say this is most beautiful town on Malta!


Once, it was capital of Malta. Today, this “silent city” is most known as set location of popular HBO show Game of Thrones. It’s located inside the fortress and from there you can see entire island.


It’s vivid, full of people, unique and small but yet it has everything for everybody!


Best option if you would like to spend your Christmas by the sea and it has pretty harbour full of authentic Maltese fishing boats with a view to parish church, one of the Marsascala symbols. Beaches of St. Thomas Bay are near so you can have brunch there or picnic at Family Park.


What happens on Gozo, stays on Gozo!


Even while you are landing, no matter if it’s day or night, you will notice famous building, Mosta Dome – basilica that at one point had the third largest unsupported dome in the world. Design is based on Pantheon in Rome. It’s an tourist attraction during whole year and the tour just could get better during Christmas time.



Birgu Harbour by E.P.


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