Obviously, plane or ferry ticket at first ’cause it’s the island – state in the middle of Mediterranean Sea. No, it’s not in Italy. Visa as well, if you are coming from one of these countries. Malta is country in Schengen Area, so the same rules apply. But even if you don’t need Visa, in some cases you will need for sure:


If you are lucky b… being and you possess passport of EU Member State (or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) border control officers at the airport will not ask if you have letter of invitation. For all the others, be prepared to show this document. It should be written and signed (printed scan or original) by your host and have these info: your name and surname, passport number and date until it’s valid, permanent address at your home country, address where you will reside in Malta, purpose of your visit and return ticket or date. Also, contact info of your host, her/his passport or ID number, date until it’s valid. If you are invited by company, organization or some club or other group, they should write it on their memorandum, stamp it and sign. Of course, if you paid accommodation before the trip, you can just show confirmation of your booking but if they are in their mood, you’ll be asked about money you have for the trip (let’s say around 30€ per day on your card or in cash)


Yes. They are waiting patiently for you to step out of the plane. Just buy it. Use it. Don’t ask. And there are some that smell really nice actually. On Malta you can find them even in markets starting from 3-4 €.

  1. SCARF (because there is no Anti AC Spray)

Even during summer when it’s hot as hell, have a piece in your bag. You will notice anyway that Maltese people are crazy about air conditioning. Sometimes in November during the day when the temperature outside is still over 20℃, they tend to turn on the AC. There is big difference between temperature outside and inside buses, stores, offices etc.


Pocket raincoat, rain jacket or anything that you think will protect you from the rain will be helpful because most of the times when it’s raining umbrella can only work for your head.

  1. PATIENCE (playing Guns ‘n’ Roses in the background)

Just give that bus it’s time. Do the same with people. They just like to take it easy. When they are not in their cars.

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